September 29, 2006

Just to explain what I have planned for this blog a little:

Over the past few years I have come to the rather paranoid conclusion that if I watch a show it will get cancelled. I won’t tell you where it began, because that’s gonna be my next post, but let’s just say that I watched a show, and it got cancelled; you see where I’m going yet?

Of course, I don’t feel that I have the monopoly on this, as I think many of you out there on the intertron may pine for a programme once known as Firefly. So what I propose is this: why don’t I tell you about the shows I liked that got cancelled, and you tell me about the shows like you liked that got cancelled. If you want to write about them yourself I’d be more than  happy to post it, or alternatively if you really recommend it, I’ll watch it and then tell everyone about it! So either way we’ll be able to tell people about some kick-ass shows that were before their time or just plain misunderstood or got boned by the network etc. etc.

I await your tortured cries of “why?”